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January 20, 2016
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Full Display + Cracked Glass Screen Repair
January 22, 2016
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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Cracked Glass Only Repair Service


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Glass Only Repair Replacement. This service involves completely taking the phone apart in pieces, removing just the glass, and using a UV activated glue with a UV lamp to bond the glass back on to the LED screen properly. The phone will then be assembled back together.

This is a delicate and long process. It takes about an hour and half for this glass only repair. This is a high skilled type of repair. To see video proof please visit our facebook page at

You can see a lot of video repairs on all the cell phones we offer for repair. If you still have any questions please call (619) 889-1918 or use social media outside of business hours. You can also use the contact form as well.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is an Android phablet smartphone developed and produced by Samsung Electronics. The Galaxy Note 5 became available in the U.S. on 21 August 2015.

Similar to the Galaxy S6, the construction of the device was revamped, with a metal unibody frame, glass instead of faux leather backing, and a newer, metal stylus. The back of the device is curved on both sides for easy handling. The Note 5 is also one of the phones compatible with Samsung’s Gear VR.

The Design still as big but now slimmer, framed by sleek metal and glass. Use S Pen on a gorgeous flat surface while the phone’s dual-edge back lies snuggly in your hand.

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